Friday, January 26, 2007

where the hell you been? and reading is FUN again...

so i'm saying to myself, "what is it? almost february and you haven't said anything? what's really good?" i guess i just haven't had much to say, or, to be more honest, i haven't had much that i've wanted to talk about...i finished reading mario puzo's The Godfather last night, partially because i was near the end but also because i couldn't put it down. as soon as Grey's Anatomy went off (excellent episode, by the way), i picked up the novel and didn't move until i knew exactly how michael would restore the corleone family. upon completion of this great book, i was left with a few feelings: 1) michael corleone could get it, 2) there are such subtle ways to gain power and respect (that don't include the crime and violence), 3) i wish there were stronger women characters, 4) did puzo have a problem with black people or was he trying to be historically accurate? i've resolved most of these feelings by now. it matters not to me what the fictional characters in this novel thought of black people - only what i think. the women in this novel really irked me; they were all good and passive(aggressive) italian women, sometimes by force. those who were not were whores or sluts. i could not be at peace with this, so i went to mario puzo's website and read what he felt about his own works. mario says the following about The Godfather: "Whenever the Godfaher opened his mouth, in my own mind i heard the voice of my mother. I heard her wisdom, her ruthlessness, and her unconquerable love for family and for life itself... the Don's courage and loyalty came from her; his humanity came from her...and so, I know now, without Lucia Santa I could not have written The Godfather."

oh. that's what i thought.