Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just. Say. Something.

(Many thanks for your patience.  I'm not going to pretend that I haven't been gone, but I am going to just keep it moving...)

“The Journey Home”

Being home in Jersey was great, but I think we stayed a hair too long.  It actually was a little sad leaving.  There was almost a routine happening, and I could sense a very pleasant reality where HomeBoy & I could be near our families all the time.  Islamic studies every Sunday with one sisterfriend, weekly Sunday brunches with another, house  parties-turn-sleepovers at my Brooklyn Bgirl’s crib and plenty of time to spend quality time with those I can only currently claim as cyber companions (and Spelman sisters, of course).  Not to mention roadtrips to PA to see a niece and nephew who have to take my brother’s word that they have another aunt – out there somewhere.  I could spend more time with my parents and my married family (I don't really like "in-laws") and my grandmother and my little bro and sis who are entering their senior and junior years of high school (respectively).  But this is not me talking myself into relocation; this is just me envisioning alternate reality.  (Not the first time.  Won’t be the last.)


“This Is My House. I Build It”

The living room is done, for all intents and purposes.  The dining room needs at least two more coats of paint (it’s a dark color, so I don’t want to risk it).  Actual d├ęcor is a different matter entirely; we’re just trying to get the furniture back downstairs right now.  I’m swooning at the thought of buying art and hanging photos.  And I don’t mean the good “so enraptured in takes my breath away” kind of swoon, I just mean the faint-y kind.  But the house is still standing; the minor leaks we were having are finally fixed, and the growing season is over.  So no more Jumanji in the yard.  Though, a “concerned” neighbor did take it upon himself to cut our front bushes because they were, and I quote, “dangerous to look at”.  The coward did it while we were out of town, and he left one behind.  I’m told they look really nice in the fall – prick.


“Friends Graduating”

So my homie has finished her M.A. and is a SAG card carrying (she was already bona fide) actor.  She’s gone on to that big apple, so she can be apart of it.  I miss her already. 

Another friend transitioned last week, after her third bout with the “C” word – sucks I can’t even type it.  She was more than a friend.  She was the first friend I had in this land of Oz; she is the reason I know many of the dynamic women that I do.  She was a super cool Bronx girl who is heroic in my mind.  She was a fly photographer and a woman of God, she volunteered and brought people together.  She translated for me, “Price Chopper is like our Shop Rite back home…and Blue Belle ice cream – that’s like Turkey Hill.”  The last time I saw her, we were driving her to a doctor’s appointment, and she remarked, “Ain’t that something?  My little sister taking care of me.”  It wasn't so serious then – it was just some back and neck pain as far as we knew.  I wish I could’ve taken better care of her… for longer… At the service, her pastor said, “Be glad!  She’s not coming back here – she’s graduated!”  I know God's plan is THE plan, and she's not in pain anymore.  And the service was a comfort - a joyous time of remembrance, but still I wish her commencement felt less like an ending.  I love you Sis.

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