Tuesday, August 14, 2007

it's a virtue (or whatever)...

we were ready. we were so ready. we'd kept it to ourselves for a long time, spilling no more than 3 beans at a time. afterall, buying a house is a big deal, and we're not superstitious or anything but you know the old adage of counting chickens and such. house inspection and reinspection? check. repairs completed? check. earnest money and all intial payments prepared? check. insurance policy? ... um, hello? insurance policy? ... the agent we spoke to weeks ago, who seemed like a really cool guy and was a referral from a friend and colleague and was oh so eager to get our business, has suddenly fallen off the edge of the earth! called his office and cell phone to no avail. so now what? won't be closing on a home on wednesday. (grrr!) i'm much better than i was yesterday, but let's just say that if this was jersey i might have to call in a favor. (okay, i don't really have that kind of pull and maybe i watch too many mafia movies, but i was tempted.) dude is f*cking with our investments - not a good look. but i think to myself, "t, what happened to your patience? you used to be so much better at it? wait. you have no power here. just wait. what is for you IS FOR YOU, you already know that, and nothing and no one can keep you from having what God has prepared for you. foolish girl! putting your faith in man! God is ALL the insurance and assurance you need. He is the best of all planners. be still and know..." so now we may not close until thursday or friday. and we may use a different insurance company (we will definitely use another agent). and God is for us, so who can be against us? lemme go. me and God, we gotta go get this house.

below is the email i just sent ol' boy. it is professional, no? consider the situation handled. *all names and stuff changed to protect blah blah blah...*

Greetings You,

I hope this email reaches you in good health and spirits. I'm writing to let you know that my husband, HomeBoy, and I had to work with another Yummy's Ins agent to attain our policy.

Yesterday morning, I received a phonecall from our advisor saying that she had yet to receive the proper paperwork from our insurance provider. Following that conversation, and for the rest of the day, I attempted to call your office and cell phone but to no avail. We were contracted to close on Wednesday, and could not move forward without proof of insurance. So, this morning I called the Yummy's office again, but I spoke with another agent to solidify the policy. We will not be able to close on Wednesday, but hopefully we can close on Thursday.

I inform you of the details because it is important that you understand we were in a precarious position, and we had to find a way to close as soon as possible. It most certainly is not a personal affront; I think you are personable and easy to work with, and perhaps we can still come to you if we switch our auto insurance.

"The Lady Who's Way Less Pissed Than She Was Yesterday"

Friday, August 03, 2007

in the moment...a haiku...

It's raining outside
I couldn't be happier
Finally release