Tuesday, February 21, 2006

this just in!...

so, i was a tad peeved. i brought some poetry to a company sponsored workshop and they (save one) didn't get it, but i guess npr did. i don't know how long it will be up, but my poetry is on the national public radio website. (i am excited, really. i just don't do exclamation marks that much.) yeah, it's just one poem and i didn't have a photo to give them, but it's cool, you know? i think npr is a respected source, so i feel good about it. the iron probably needs to get a little hotter before i start vying for the book deal though! ;+). that's all 4 now. peace...

Monday, February 13, 2006

a little dough...an easy flow...

got paid for my first freelance project today. very cool. i thought about framing the check and stuff like store owners do with their first dollars, but bump all that, i got the memory... i'm going to venture out into the spokenword world out here. i've been waiting to just have the time, but we all know how that goes - if you don't make it [time], you don't get it... ran into a fellow spelmanite (c/o '05). she's also in kc doing her thing. we'll probably hit up some joints together. she's trying to muster up the nerve to go on the mic, and i'm trying to get back into my space - get my mojo workin' - 'stablish myself - see if it's still in me. it's kinda nerve-wrecking, but it's all eustress. i'm looking forward to some more eustress in the coming weeks. the midwest is about to become a new frontier all over again (minus the pillaging, deception, theft, etc. - basically just the new part)...on the valentine's day tip, let me just say - it's crazy working in a place that has huge stock in the celebration of holidays...don't really have much else to say. my insides right now are rather tranquil. like i'm seventy percent water and no waves. just peace - it's good, you know? maybe something in me lies dormant for the winter, or maybe it's the isolation of energy; just me with me, so even when i'm spontaneous there are no surprises. whatever it is, i'm cool with it...yeah, man...it's cool...peace

Saturday, February 04, 2006

down the foxx hole...(part 2)

so i never caught foxx's special, and the state of the black world seems to go unscathed (or at least no worse off for my having missed it). so i don't feel too bad, and i guess it couldn't have been too good. (oh teresa, that's such a cheap post. i feel taken advantage of...) ;+)

in other news: i booked my ticket to return to atlanta in march for the toni cade conference. airtran ain't worth their weight in salt when it comes to getting me to jersey, but i can count on them to get me to atlanta for peanuts...so much will be different by march, i anticipate. i cannot wait to return.