Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well, that was fun

Even I am growing tired of the random content and haphazard posting on this here blog, and want to be deliberate about something…

In trying to publish more in journals, I can no longer post drafts because even though there’s no huge readership, to some publications this space still counts as publishing and many lit mags request “no previously published work”…

I cannot bring myself to divulge private things on a regular basis, which seems to be the key to being a widely and oft-read personal blog, for I am barely able to divulge in real life and I tend to internally berate myself for being self-centered and overindulgent (well, I guess that’s pretty personal)...

Five years is a long time, and my blog has lasted longer than some marriages…

It has always bothered me, in a telltale “your fly is down” sort of way, that I misspelled my URL…

Words, Words, Words (previously known as Rough Draft) is taking its curtain call. *It was hard for me to know when to call it quits; I don’t like the idea of leaving my web-trash all over the place. Maybe I’ll work it into the archives of my next project.

There will likely be another...something--a more intentional, properly planned something--in the future. 
But for the moment, I'd rather read/listen to you. 

Happy new year, and keep me posted!

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